BY: Laura Christiansen, National dog trainer of the year
Not all dogs like Independence day. Some are absolutely terrified at the sound of
fireworks. Not surprising as a dogs sense of hearing is over 4x better that that of a human. They
are also far better at hearing frequencies and range of sounds.
There are tapes you can purchase to desensitize your dog to sounds but this could take months and
if done improperly it could make matters worse.
If you are not 100{fba513c6dda1a43384ee16479bb2966c2add0dd223dc4b42374b534b7019cbce} certain of how your dog will react to fireworks planned avoidance is best. A
terrified dog can jump fences and escape! Before the festivities exercise your dog and put them in
a dog safe area indoors. Close all windows and doors to muffle the sound. Turn on air conditioning
or fans and some calm music.
If your dog is a more sensitive anxious type ask your vet to recommend something to calm your dog
and contact a skilled trainer for training recommendations.
If your dog does hear the fireworks and gets frightened reassure them briefly and calmly and go
about your business.
This 4th of July have a wonderful time and keep your dog safe!

Caring Paws Therapy Dogs
Laura Christiansen, CPDT

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