Most dogs like to jump to greet humans.
Jumping gets the dog closer to our faces and it elicits our attention.

In order to extinguish jumping we must not allow the behavior to pay off and teach our dog a more acceptable behavior!! We also need to teach our dog to tone down their excitement.

Be prepared to teach 4 on the floor!!

Before your dog attempts to jump redirect their attention towards the ground.
You can do this by bringing your gaze downward instead of looking directly at your dog. Bring your hands low and clap or move them around to peak the dogs’ interest. You can hold some treats and feed the dog while briefly petting.
Doing so should keep your dogs’ paws on the ground. Speak in a very calm voice.
Now say “all done” turn your back, walk away, ignore the dog.
Repeat this greeting exercise. As your dog is successful with keeping 4 on the floor gradually work up to petting for a longer duration.
Now ask family members and friends to try this exercise with your dog.
The more you practice the faster your dog will learn to keep 4 on the floor!

During your dogs’ retraining make sure they do not receive an attention pay off from anyone!!
When someone in passing and wants to greet your dog smile, say thank you but my dog is in a special training program right now.

When you are expecting visitors put your dog in his crate or pen prior to visitor arrival. Fill the visitor in on the training procedure. When your dog is calm bring him out on a leash. This will also help to control his excitement.

If you are patient and consistent your dog will learn to keep his paws on the ground!

Happy Training!

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