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Laura Christiansen, CPDT Owner / Director / Trainer

I’m Laura Christiansen. I have been a trainer/behaviorist for over 30 years. I have worked with thousands of dogs of different breed, temperament, and behavioral issues. The exposure I have had has been invaluable to my experience as a trainer.

I believe that the training of a dog is not just about teaching the mechanics of sit, down, stay, heel etc. I teach dedicated owners to understand, connect, and develop an inseparable bond with their pet. My training methods use the tools of knowledge, love, and respect. There’s no other training program that offers this type of insight of the dog/human relationship.

My training programs are invaluable to every dedicated dog owner! Spend the time needed in the beginning and at the end of your beloved pets life you will never ever forget the beautiful bond created.

Julie Kroonenburg, CPDT

Julie has earned Degrees in both Wildlife Education and Exotic Animal Training. She has worked with a wide variety of exotic animals including primates, big cats, and birds of prey . She has also trained animals for the movies and had the unique opportunity to spend 4 months in Kenya working on a film set as an Assistant Lion trainer.

Julie has been working as a professional dog trainer since 2002. She believes her longevity and success in the field is due to her common sense approach to training and her love for her job.

Julie has been a lifelong equestrian and spends most of her free time with her horses. Julie grew up showing in the hunter/jumper ring, but she now mainly focuses on developing herself in the sport of Dressage.