Dog Training Classes San Diego

We have 11 different training programs for you and your dog. Check our link schedule for upcoming classes, and see what training can do for you! Every breed of dog should learn basic obedience. Great advances in obedience training methods have been made in the past decade involving the use of food, play or praise as motivation. We use the most current techniques in place of harsh force training.

Puppy Classes

Start off on the right paw! Let Canine Learning Centers show you how to effectively communicate, build a strong relationship, and bond with your new puppy.

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Obedience Classes

Learn how to bring out the best in your dog with proper communication, all basic control exercises, as well as problem solving.

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Perfect the Basics

Master the exercises taught in Beginner and learn new and useful ones. Distance work and off leash control addressed. We work on perfecting all basics and preparing dog to take CGC test.

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Private Lessons

In-home family and dog training designed specifically for your dog’s unique personality. Training includes all control exercises and addresses all problem behaviors. Packages available.

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Spend the time needed in the beginning and at the end of your beloved pets life you will never ever forget the beautiful bond created.