Perfect the Basics

We offer a variety of fun educational classes to help your dog master the basics. Learn distance and off leash control! Agility, Nosework and more!




Canine Good Citizen / Therapy Dog

(Dogs who have attended Beginner obedience)

(5) 1 hour training sessions - 1 per week

Perfect your dogs’ responsiveness to all commands.  Prepare to earn Canine Good Citizen certificate. Field trip into town.  Intro to therapy work.

Test 1:  Accepting a friendly stranger
Test 2:  Sitting politely for petting
Test 3:  Appearance and grooming
Test 4:  Out for a walk (walking on loose lead)
Test 5:  Walking through a crowd
Test 6:  Sit and down on command and staying in place
Test 7:  Coming when called
Test 8:  Reaction to another dog
Test 9:  Reaction to distraction
Test 10: Supervised separation

Cost $225

Freedom Unleashed

“FREEDOM UNLEASHED” see “Maya come” and rattlesnake video. This training class takes the relationship with your dog to the highest level. You will gain the ability to teach your dog responsiveness around high distraction. The ultimate goal is full response off leash in any given situation. 6 dog handler teams, 2 instructors, 6wk course. Requirements for this class:

    • Dog must be at least 1yr old or very mature
    • No antisocial or fearful dogs
    • No resource guarders
    • Dog must know sit, stay, come, and loose leash walking., You may use treats.
    • Dog must be highly interested in treats and or toys
    • Dog cannot have food sensitivities or food allergies
    • The use of head halters not allowed

Cost: $255