Puppy Kindergarten

(pups 10 - 18 wks)

Must be healthy and current on parvo/distemper vaccines (proof required)

(4) consecutive 75 minute sessions - 1 per week)

  • Addresses proper communication, mouthing, chewing, jumping, housetraining
  • Question & Answer time
  • Pay Attention
  • Sit/down/stand/wait
  • Come when called
  • Accept handling and grooming
  • SAFE socialization with other dogs
  • Confidence building
  • Agility for motor skills

Includes instructional videos and training booklet

Cost $255


New Puppy Orientation

Pups under 18 weeks
National Dog Trainer of the Year Laura Christiansen comes to your home for a 1 hour session to provide knowledge so you can establish the best foundation possible while YOUR pups’ personality is forming.

Puppy Learn & Play

Extension of Puppy Kindergarten

Pups up to 6 months who have attended CLC Puppy kindergarten or private training.

(5) 1 hour weekly sessions 

Earn AKC PUPPY S.T.A.R. certificate

Narrated free play supervised by experienced instructors.

You will be actively involved in getting to know your pups play style and teaching them proper play skills. Not only will your pup have the opportunity to socialize with a variety of dogs in a safe and comfortable indoor environment, they will also be learning to respond while distracted to your voice command.  Practice of obedience commands learned in Puppy class also included.

Invaluable class!!!!

Space limited to 14 pups

Cost $100

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760- 822-0606

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