Rookie Agility

(Dogs 10 months and older)

5 Week Class

This class provides a weekly “just for fun” opportunity for you and your dog to bond while you work as a team on the agility course. Dogs will learn several of the agility obstacles including Jump, Table, Tire, and Tunnel. As obstacles are learned, we will string those obstacles together to create a mini-course. The obstacles will be kept at a lower height for safety. Since all the equipment is kept at a low height, this class is appropriate for young dogs and even senior dogs.

While your dog is learning the obstacles, you will be learning agility handling skills so that you can lead your dog through the agility course. Many people start agility just for fun and exercise but end up getting bitten by the agility bug and become lifelong competitors.

Dogs may not be people or leash reactive.
Dogs must be used to being in a crate (crates will be provided)
Reliable off leash recall.
Will your pup come running when you call him from across our training ring?
Retired agility dogs, and those who have trained elsewhere, are welcome.

Cost: $225

Novice Agility 1

(Dogs 10 months and older)

5 Week Class

This class is for dog and handlers who would like to progress to running beginner level agility competition courses. Basic foundation skills will be taught in addition to new obstacles such as the teeter and weave poles.

Dogs may not be people or leash reactive.
Dogs must be used to being in a crate (crates provided)
Reliable off leash recall.
This class requires some at home practice. The instructor will give guidance of which practice equipment will be needed.

Cost: $225

Novice Agility 2

5 week class

Graduates of Rookie and Novice I or instructor permission

Continuation and progression of Agility competition course.
Cost $225

Agility - Weaves & Teeter

Weaves & Teeter 
6 dogs total

Cost $225

(Dogs at least 12 months) Must have completed Rookie & Novice 1 Agility or instructor approval

This class focuses on building the skills necessary for your dog to have confident and proficient weave pole and teeter skills.  The introduction to weaves will include learning entries, building proficiency and drive, and independent weaving of all 12 poles.  The teeter component will focus on building confidence, contact behavior and building proficiency and drive.  This class is recommended for students who would like to do competition agility or those who would like a fun and engaging class for their dog.


Nosework Basics Workshop

Dogs over 4 months

No aggressive dogs
Dog must be used to being in a crate or pen
Can't make a 5wk weekday class?  
In this 1x 90 minute workshop we teach you how to encourage and develop your dogs natural scenting abilities by utilizing their love of food, toys and desire to hunt!  Learn a new way to have fun with your dog while building their confidence and expending mental and physical energy!!

90 minutes | 6 dog limit $100
Please email us for schedule!

Nosework 1 - Intro to Search

(Dogs 4 month and up)

No aggressive dogs
Bring plenty of high value treats

K9 Nosework is an exciting game to play with your dog! Nosework challenges your dogs brain. It also builds your handling and observation skills. Every dog can succeed at K9 Nosework. Shy, fearful or reactive dogs can build new confidence.

Highly active dogs burn energy.

All dogs are crated separately (crates provided). Each dog will work the search area independently.
This class is taught by Certified Nose Work instructor Connie Kelly (CNWI).

75 minutes 1x per week $225

Nosework 2 - Intro to Odor

Dogs that have completed Nosework 1

5 weeks | 75 minutes 1x per week $225
This class focuses on introducing your dog to finding 3 target odors (essential oils) container, interior, vehicle and exterior searches continue.  The searching game become more fun and challenging!!!